Englisches Theater "The Little Prince"

On the 22nd November 2023 the pupils from 4th grade had the chance to see the impressive story of “The Little Prince”. "Seeing things clearly needs our hearts, not just our eyes. The important things can't be seen only with our eyes." Since 1943, when Antoine de Saint-Exupéry first said these things in his lovely story, they've stayed strong – they mean even more now! 


The person in charge of the play, Sean Aita, changed the classic book. It was still liked by lots of people. Our students really liked it, especially because of the good acting by four British actors from schooltours who came with the Vienna's English Theater and played live music. 


We went on an adventure with the little prince in space. He was trying to find a friend because he felt sad about a pretty rose that lived with him. We met strange folks, like a king without any people, a pop star with only one fan (herself), a businessman who wanted to buy all the stars, a Geography teacher who never went outside, and an air traffic controller. Finally, we met Foxy, a homeless person who taught our hero about trust and the real meaning of friendship. 


The main idea of the story is in what Foxy said: "You can only see clearly with your heart."